Automatic Water/Sewer Payments

Click here and download the .pdf application, print it out, fill it out, and take it to City Hall along with a cancelled check.

For further information, contact City Hall - (618) 537-4976
You can also email:

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The Ward Map for the City of Lebanon, Illinois has been scanned and uploaded for your reference.
This map is available at City Hall.

2015 Lebanon Ill Ward Map

Codified Ordinances are Online!

Zoning Ordinance (1151)

1997 through 2014 (Current) Minute

January 12, 2015 - Approved Council Minutes

January 26, 2015 - Approved Council Minutes

February 9, 2015 - Approved Council Minutes

February 23, 2015 - Approved Council Minutes

March 23, 2015 - Full Council Agenda

2015 Scheduled Meetings

Note that agendas remain on the site for several days after the meeting. Because the minutes for any meeting are not approved until the next meeting, the agenda gives an idea as to what was to take place at that meeting.
Some meetings do NOT cover all agenda items due to various circumstances.
No minutes are released until the Council passes them.

City of Lebanon, Illinois


city hall
City Hall on St. Louis Street

police dept
Lebanon's Police Station

City Services and Personnel

The City of Lebanon is a municipality incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of Illinois for the purpose of providing residents with the following services: 

Police Protection 
Ambulance Service 
Water/Sewer Service 
Street Maintenance 
Building Code Enforcement 

City Hall
312 W. St. Louis Street
Lebanon, Illinois 62254

Phone: (618) 537.4976
Fax: (618) 537.8377

Lebanon Public Library
314 West St. Louis Street
Lebanon, IL  62254

(618) 537-4504
Fax:  (618) 537-4399

Lebanon-Emerald Mound Volunteer Fire Department
312 W St. Louis
Lebanon, IL 62254
(618) 660-9548 (Fire Chief)

Lebanon Police Department
403 W St Louis St
Lebanon, Illinois 62254

Med Star Ambulance

Click here for our
online codified ordinances.

Full Council Minutes and Specific Ordinances
Minutes and ordinances for viewing and download.


City Officials
Mayor Rich Wilken
Clerk Pamela Koshko
Treasurer Paul Grob
Attorney Bruckert, Gruenke & Long
Jody McNeese
Water/Sewer Supt. Penny Pinkstaff
Library Director Kelly Wilhelm
Ward I Frank Almeter
  Jack Wise
Ward II Stephen Hagan
  Landall Mack
Ward III Bruce "Bart" Bartholomew
  Cheri Wright
Ward IV Joe Diliberto
  Mary Alice Koriath
Plan Commission

Brenda D. Boudreau - Secretary
Crystal Catchings
Jane Cotts
John Cummins - Chair
Rick Gale

James Macaluso
Fred Robinson
Britt Sowle
Brent Wood

Zoning Board of Appeals

James Dunn
Janice Grice - Chair
Joe Hogg
John Mould

Damien Rodriquez
William Sandretti
Kevin Wright

Lebanon-Emerald Mound
Fire Protection District

The Lebanon-Emerald Mound Fire Protection District (LEMFPD) encompases the City of Lebanon as well as areas surrounding and outside of city limits. The Lebanon Emerald Mound Volunteer Fire Department (LEMVFD) is a member of a group of Mutual Aid Fire Departments and can be seen assisting in many surrounding areas and communities.

The LEMFPD is a separate entity from the City of Lebanon and is also a separate taxing district.

The LEMFPD is governed by a Board of Trustees
that are appointed by the Saint Clair County Board.
Officials as of 3/14/2011 are:

LEMFPD Officials
Trustees Ed Brockhahn
Don Mueller
Richard Rutherford
Bill Suydam
Jim Trame
Fire Chief Matthew Berberich
Asst Chiefs Matthew Trame
Dean Zurliene

Lebanon Community Unit
School District 9

Please see the LCUSD#9 website at

Horner Park District

Please see the Horner Park District website at