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  • The streets are full of magic in Lebanon.
  • Annual Events:
    Chocolate Rendevous for Valentine's Day, May Market to kick off spring,
    The Firemen's Picnic to Celebrate Summer,
    The Fall Festival, Witches' Night Out and The Victorian Celebration to start the Holidays.
    We have many others as well. Join us!
  • Take a walk through beautiful Horner Park anytime from dawn to dusk, any time of year!
  • The Mermaid House - Charles Dickens and Company stayed here.
    And nothing has been the same ever since!
    Read about it - American Notes Ch 13
  • Many of the buildings and homes in town have very interesting histories. Now a residence, this building was once a sanitorium.
  • Lebanon's own Christ Brothers Asphalt is one of the largest companies of its kind in southern Illinois. Seen here helping with improvements to St. Louis Street.
  • Preparing for the refurbishing of 'The Brick Street', Lebanon is always improving while keeping an eye on maintaining our history.
  • Bothwell Chapel on McKendree University's Beautiful Campus. For many years after its build, it was the largest assembly hall in Illinois.
  • The Quad on McKendree University's Main Campus. McKendree is a key part in Lebanon's growth and prosperity.
  • Architecture in Lebanon is varied, making for some wonderful house viewing. We have our fair share of Victorian influenced buildings as well.
  • The beauty of Horner Park is always amazing!
    Spend an hour, or the whole day, beside the lake. Fish, play ball, cook out, and just relax.
    9 "holes" of Disk Golf is available this year.
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